Christopher Roselli

Christopher Roselli

Financial Analyst-Contract Specialist

Christopher Roselli is a new Financial Analyst with Infinite Management Solutions, LLC, a woman veteran-owned certified, small business which primarily partners with middle-market and large organizations in both private and public sectors. Throughout his career he has been recognized as an outstanding problem-solver, and consummate professional. A major accomplishment involved initiating a process implementation change in a strategic Continuous Overseas Tour (COT) Travel project for the Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation (AFSAC) which oversees the sales of over $25 billion in inventory to the United States foreign partners. Roselli has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is actively working on his master’s degree in Business
Administration. He holds memberships to, the Park University Honors Society, as well as their business development program available to graduates to congregate and discuss business and business opportunities. At the AFSAC 1st quarter awards of 2019 Roselli was recognized as part of the award-winning delivery reporting team for their exceptionally low turnaround time as well as their excellence in innovation. Roselli gives back to his community through volunteer work and strives to clean up around his city any opportunity he gets.

In his spare time, Roselli enjoys playing Soccer and going on vacations with his wife and son.


“I highly recommend Infinite Management Solutions (IMS) to anyone or any company that is wanting to become more productive and efficient. They have changed my thought process on how to tackle projects in business development. My introduction to IMS was a couple of months ago during a training workshop. IMS’ facilitators were warm and welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The facilitators led an intimate 3-day workshop on process improvement. IMS focused on current processes and offered guidance on improving the processes to make these more efficient for the company. After the workshop, I had a new perspective on how to be more productive, focused and how to prioritize projects in my current role. IMS was very professional and the recommendations that were made by IMS are being utilized daily.”

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