Cyndi Reeves

Cyndi Reeves is an accounting professional with nearly 30 years of experience in payroll processing, tax preparation, and business accounting. Cyndi began her journey at Wright State University but went on to complete a bachelor’s degree at Southern New Hampshire University. Cyndi has worked in many industries including advertising and public relation agencies and manufacturing.


Cyndi’s hobbies outside of work are gardening and kayaking.


“I highly recommend Infinite Management Solutions (IMS) to anyone or any company that is wanting to become more productive and efficient. They have changed my thought process on how to tackle projects in business development. My introduction to IMS was a couple of months ago during a training workshop. IMS’ facilitators were warm and welcoming and extremely knowledgeable. The facilitators led an intimate 3-day workshop on process improvement. IMS focused on current processes and offered guidance on improving the processes to make these more efficient for the company. After the workshop, I had a new perspective on how to be more productive, focused and how to prioritize projects in my current role. IMS was very professional and the recommendations that were made by IMS are being utilized daily.”

T. Rooney
N-ovation Technology Group

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